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Q: Can I really get a Small Business or Project or Covid Fund on the Internet?

A: Yes, you really can get a small grant on the Internet.

That’s a great question, though – and it’s one you should ask yourself.

After all, if you decide to pursue our monthly ($10,000 MXN) Mothers·ship Fund, your application will take some time and energy to write.  You’ll commit a few pesos to cover the application fee.  And you’ll do so with the undeniable reality that many internet scams exist.

We understand all of those things.

So in this space, we’d like to address those questions or concerns. Below, you’ll learn who we are, how the grant process works, and much more.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us. Our goal as a female-led company is to support our members in the best way possible.


Q:  How do you pick the  Mothers·ship Fund winner each month?

A: It’s a simple, straightforward process.  We carefully read through and research grant applications daily and select finalists — typically 5.  At the end of each month, we discuss each finalist and vote to determine a winner. We usually announce the grant winner(s) 7-10 days into a new month.

Businesses, projects or needs selected for a monthly Mothers·ship Fund are automatically eligible for the year-end Mothersship ($50,000 MXN).  While considering Voting results, check-ups with the monthly Mothers·ship Fund winners and other factors, we’ll award the $50,000 MXN in December of 2020.


Q:  Who selects fund recipients?

A:  Our Mothers·ship Advisory Board, comprised of Eneida Gongora, Judith Bjeri, Jennifer Ayala Moore & Nanna Soenya


Q: Why do you charge an application fee?

A. The fee makes the fund and operation of the site including reviewing each application possible.


Q: If I apply for one month and don’t receive a fund am I automatically enrolled for the next month?

A. Since the fund runs on a month-to-month basis, we typically only consider applicants that applied in that specific month's time frame. But we have had exceptions over the years and  with those exceptions, it’s not necessary that you apply twice. We welcome application edits/updates via email.


Q: Do I need a website to apply?

A. You don’t. However, it’s very helpful if you provide a social media profile from your company — ideally Facebook.


Q: What are your social media accounts?

A. We mostly focus on Facebook, but these are our official social media links:

Facebook Page




Q: Are non-profits eligible?

A. Yes, non-profits are eligible for a Mothers·ship Fund.


Q: What types of businesses/projects do you select as winners?   

A. There isn’t one sector or industry that we focus on.  Just a solid and passionate plan.


Q: What criteria do you use to select a winner?

A:  We’re looking for a number of qualities: passion, business savvy, vision, and so much more. Women who believe in what they’re doing tend to make us believers, too.

Beyond that, details are vital. While we’ll do our own research prior to selecting finalists and a winner (or winners), assume that we’re 100% unfamiliar with your company, industry and market. So avoid any jargon or lingo that could lead to confusion.

We request that businesses be at least 50% women-owned for consideration.


Q: Is the Mothership Fund only for businesses and projects based in Mexico?

A:  Businesses and projects operating in Mexico are eligible for our funds.


Q: How old do I have to be to apply for a  Mothers·ship Fund?

A. You must be 18 years or older to apply and receive a Fund.

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